Jesus and the Multitudes – Wk 23 – Sunday 25th January 2015

Take_ours!Ezekiel 34

Luke 5:17-32; 18:15-19:9

”There are always multitudes at the bottom being marginalised, scapegoated, shunned, ignored and forgotten by elites at the top. And there are always those in the middle torn between the two. To be alive in the adventure of Jesus is to stand with the multitudes, even if doing so means being marginalised, criticised and misunderstood right along with them.” (Brian Mclaren, We Make the Road by Walking, Ch 23)

Over the last few weeks we have explored what it means to be a disciple, how to share good news with others and how Jesus taught his disciples. This Sunday we will think about Jesus as a good shepherd and look at some stories from his life. How he lived, loved and embodied his message.

Sheep Images from Wikipedia are used under the Creative Commons License. Originals and further details are available here and here.

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