Remembrance 2016

For our Remembrance Service this year, St. Francis’ Meet and Make Craft Group are creating an art installation made up of hand crafted Poppies.  We are inviting you to join us by knitting or crocheting Poppies in either red or white, there are several free knitting and crochet patterns available on line.

If you would like to participate, please deliver completed Poppies to St. Francis Church, Highlands, Banbury, OX16 1FA between now and the 31st October, Monday to Thursday morning, or if the church is closed please put through the letterbox.

If you wish to have help in making the Poppies, please come along to our Meet and Make Group at St Francis on 14th, or 28th September, or 19th October between 2 p.m and 4 p.m.

Our Remembrance Service will be held on Sunday 13th November at 10.30 a.m.

For further information email

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